Colour Breathing

CBRT™ is an intervention to support Relaxation, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Colour is for everyone! Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique using the Colour Breathing Disks provides an enjoyable and integrative mind-body intervention, which can help people relax themselves naturally - using a focus of colours, conscious breathing and positive psychology.

Developed over many years the CBRT System has been found suitable for all abilities - adults, young people and children. An ideal programme for Workplace Wellbeing.

CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions are only delivered by regulated and licensed CBRT Practitioners - who adhere to a strict Code of Conduct.

Our truly unique system and materials are underpinned by evidence-based principals, with many years and ongoing improvement whilst being used by professionals in various schools, clinics and community mental health and social care settings.

Since 2005 CBRT has been delivered in Northern Ireland to both individuals and groups by CBRT Practitioners who work in leading mental health charities and healthcare service providers. CBRT delivers 'Best Practice' and throughout development has been developed after listening to invaluable input from individuals with lived experience.

The CBRT Practitioner Training Programme is a high quality, Professional CPD accredited Training Programme.

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Let us help you learn how to relax naturally...

Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique is a Positive Social Impact Programme which brings groups of people together, promoting inclusivity and diversity.

There is still stigma around mental health challenges and many people remain unwilling or unable to talk openly about their emotional health.

In the UK alone, with one in four adults experiencing mental illness, poor mental health costs the economy £118 billion a year. [Ref: GOV.UK 28.11.2022]

CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions have been used to help support mental wellbeing in children, young people and adults.

User Testimonial 

Colour Breathing has proven popular and effective over twenty years of continuous development and focus groups.

Belfast Day Centre Members each received 10 sessions of CBRT. Duncan, one of the course participants’ said:

“The Colour Breathing for me was a welcome anchor in my sea of stress.  Just focusing on the Disks, with the gentle soothing colours and sensible commentary I was actually able to come to terms with the REAL me; still alive and kicking, after all my years of grinding mental illness.”

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CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions are suitable for delivery in communities and in the workplace

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Professional CPD accredited ONLINE Practitioner Training Programme. Become a licenced Practitioner and help others learn how to relax naturally by providing individual or group sessions in your community or workplace.

CBRT provides an enjoyable and high quality, CPD regulated Practitioner Training Programme.

This activity equates to 13.25 hours of CPD.

Attendees receive a certificate to be kept within their CPD record. This can be used as evidence in a CPD audit by a professional body institute or regulator.

Upon completion of this CPD activity, we provide questions which will help you reflect on your learning, how your new skills can be applied to your role, and how learning outcomes can be recorded for formal CPD purposes.

A Message of Support for CBRT from Harry Redknapp

Dear Alison

This message is to support your work on CBRT social impact programme for mental health resilience and wellbeing

Keep up the good work you are doing

Stay safe

Harry Redknapp

19 May 2020

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