What is CBRT?

CBRT is a UK innovation created for Relaxation, Wellbeing and Mental Health. Used as part of a positive social impact support programme CBRT can benefit everyone, especially the underserved.

The acronym 'CBRT' was created in 2009 whilst CBRT was preparing for entry into the UK National Health Service [NHS].

Since 2005 when it was first used in mental health communities in Northern Ireland - Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique has been found to provide a much needed first tier solution for service providers and their clients/users in mental healthcare delivery. CBRT is a mental health and wellbeing intervention which has a wide cultural application, meeting the users Subjective Wellbeing needs whilst helping those suffering from stress, hypertension, anxiety, depression and host of other conditions that impact upon personal wellbeing and resilience.

CBRT is a globally applicable and pre-emptive mental health and wellbeing intervention that puts the user or patient at the center of its purpose. The relaxation system uses seven Colour Breathing Disks© each with their own unique gradient design provides the focus for the breathing awareness and body-mind relaxation session.

CBRT is a practical, non-invasive, non-tactile and non-denominational relaxation therapeutic support system.

The CBRT technology system provides a proactive approach for mental health wellbeing. CBRT was recognised as a technology by the NHS National Innovation Centre in 2012 and has the ability to meet international standards.

The CBRT ESCAB [Expert Scientific Clinician Advisory Board] will be providing research leadership for all CBRT research programmes. Clinicians, Specialists and Universities will work collectively to establish a robust and highly respected international evidence base for this person centred, psychological therapy.

CBRT will support the Underserved and National Strategies for Wellbeing:

In underserved nations there are often no mental health support resources available to assist the most vulnerable. CBRT will train social care and individuals in the community to be able to assist people and help them manage their stress during this difficult time.

CBRT is suitable for post COVID-19 Relief resilience programmes as CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions can be delivered safely for individuals and groups with social distancing in place:

i) Reinforces the need for prevention of mental health illness rather than condition ‘treatment’.

ii) Supports a Positive Psychology approach to personal wellbeing, human care and outcomes.

iii) Improves public awareness and requirement for socialisation of mental health illness and wellbeing needs.

iv) Universally deliverable across all aspects of healthcare.

v) May help to reduce the impact on current mental healthcare services and waiting lists through the delivery of a regulated therapeutic intervention which has the ability to deliver measurable outcomes.

vi) CBRT Practitioners - a new quality first tier service in mental health support.

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