Environmental Policy

CBRT Healthcare Innovation Systems Ltd intends to reduce waste wherever possible. From 2018:

  • We email letters, invoices and receipts;
  • Our Training Programme application forms and case studies are now all online.
  • We use Zoom and Teams for conference calls and business meetings whenever possible. We only travel when really necessary.
  • We ask suppliers to use less heavily packaged products and to take away excess packaging when they deliver.
  • We reuse or recycle packing, bubble wrap, printer toners and ink cartridges normally thrown away.
  • Our we often change our printers' settings to print in double-sided format. We print internal documents in 'draft' quality only.
  • We cancel junk mail and unwanted publications.
  • We use electronic communication where possible, to reduce printing.
  • We encourage staff not to print out documents and emails unless absolutely necessary.
  • We reuse paper that has only been printed on one side for draft or scrap message pads.
  • We reuse envelopes if possible, for example to send internal mail.
  • We use daylight eco bulbs in our office.
  • We turn off our PCs when not in use.
  • We save used postage stamps for charitable donation.

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