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Each day will last approximately 8 hours. For example 9am to 5.30pm

Our accredited CPD Practitioner Training Programme is a two day event.

Price does not include food, travel or accomodation.

To become certified as a licenced CBRT Practitioner you will need to attend each day in full and complete a 40 question Assessment Paper (based on the course content) and 5 case studies.

CBRT™ (Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique) is a pioneer in relaxation, positive thinking and behavioural health.

The course is as experiential as possible, so learning can be quick. It aims to equip delegates with sufficient understanding and confidence that they will be able to work using their new learnings swiftly upon completion of a 40 question Assessment Paper (based on the course content) and 5 case studies.

Individuals trained since 2005 include Community Mental Health Support workers, Counsellors, Psychologists, Midwives, Palliative Care, Occupational Therapists, GP's, Nurses, Addiction and Trauma/PTSD Specialists, Carers, School Teachers and Lecturers, Prison Officers, Stress Management Consultants, Complementary Health Practitioners, Social care and voluntary sector staff.

CBRT is COVID 19 friendly and can be delivered safely with social distancing in place.

The Colour Breathing Disks system has also been used as a popular calming classroom and emotional resilience activity - first used in the education sector as part of the Discovery Programme (2003 - 2006.)

CBRT is also a useful new skillset for individuals already trained in Mental Health First Aid, as once a certified CBRT Practitioner - they are able to deliver regulated CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions for both individuals and groups of people in the workplace.

The online CBRT Practitioner Training Programme is a recognised Professional Training Programme (with CPD accreditation) by The CPD Standards Office.

CBRT provides users with the skills and tools to deliver a new, positive and uplifting experience which is supported by a high quality product range which they can purchase and use at home. A holistic intervention and guided self-help approach for individuals with mild to moderate depression, general anxiety disorder, hypertension, long term conditions and medically unexplained symptoms.

Since 2004 CBRT has researched, developed and improved the Training Programme over many cycles, working with a wide range of Professionals in Northern Ireland. We value their contributions and thank them for helping CBRT to become the pioneering evidence based intervention and training programme it is today.

CBRT provides cost effective new skillsets for Healthcare, Social Care and Education providers.

An ideal relaxation support intervention for people of all backgrounds to learn and deliver.

Some CBRT Practitioners work in community mental health teams or have previously received training in Mental Health First Aid, Stress Management, NLP, Counselling and Traditional Complementary Therapies.

Learning to relax can support individuals experiencing both physical and mental health conditions including hypertension, anxiety, depression and stress.

CBRT Practitioners agree to adhere to a strict Code of Conduct and to always deliver quality CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions (as taught to company standards) to their clients and members of the public.

To become a CBRT Practitioner please complete the following forms:

Once you have completed this Training Programme, you will be able to:

• Describe the concept of Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique.

• Use the Colour Breathing apparatus correctly.

• Describe the effects that colour has on us.

• Perform some basic breathing exercises.

• Describe the purpose and use of positive thinking and affirmations.

• Monitor individuals feelings about colour.

• Deliver a CBRT Relaxation session for an individual.

• Deliver a CBRT Relaxation Class for a group of up to 20 people.

The CBRT Practitioner Training Programme is designed to provide you with the following:

• Knowledge based learning

• A practical tool and skill set to help people relax themselves naturally

• Therapeutic competencies in guided self-help, mindfulness, communication

• Development of self-awareness and listening skills

• Person-centred care, co-ordinated and tailored to the needs of the individual, their carer(s) and family.

• Active Compassion and Care in Practice

• Professional development: CPD and certified Training Programme.

• Skills - working with individuals and within a group.


    Sue, a CBRT Practitioner who worked in the healthcare sector described CBRT as “Proving to be one of the simplest but most effective tools to aid mental relaxation and achieves excellent therapeutic outcomes. The beauty of it lies in its simplicity - it is easy to understand and is something that can be taken away and used every day by everyone …. it has improved the mental well-being in my clients in a faster time frame than the usual talking therapies”.

    David, a CBRT Practitioner working in the education sector said “CBRT is an excellent way of focusing the mind, helping the person to describe, understand and regulate their emotional state and talk through the concerns, worries or anxieties that might be preventing them reaching goals they set for themselves. Children and adults love the colours. CBRT is a wonderful way of working with others to improve the way we interact and how we can ‘listen’ to our feelings to find the way forward.”

Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique helps me talk about my state of mental wellbeing in a new and positive way.

It is okay to say "I am going to go to my CBRT Relaxation Support Session now."

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