Social & healthcare equity, diversity & inclusion are our mission. Our purpose is to disrupt and improve the availability of quality mental health wellbeing support for all at a personalised and community level.

Our Values

We believe in team work and equality for all.

Our Motto

In Service We Care - Servitio curamus.

CBRT Case Study Example:Testimonial from a User Client of a North Belfast Day Centre in Northern Ireland. Members each received 10 group sessions of CBRT. Duncan, one of the course participants’ said:  x “The Colour Breathing for me was a welcome anchor in my sea of stress. Just focusing on the Disks with the gentle soothing colours and sensible commentary I was actually able to slip the boundaries of my everyday, hum-drum, dismal and sometimes even distressing existence, and come to terms with the real me. Still alive and kicking, after all my years of grinding mental illness.”                                           Duncan - New Lodge and Duncairn Community Health Partnership

Our products

We create our products with great care and love. We have invested many years into their development and have some really exciting new products to launch later this year!

Our customers

Our customers and Practitioners are our key priority.

Feedback in return is that they enjoy our relaxation intervention, love our high quality products and appreciate our caring service.