CBRT™ supporting Corporate Stress and Absenteeism in the Workplace

In April 2005, Alison Bourne was invited to be a key speaker at the ISMA conference in London (International Stress Management Association) where CBRT and the correct usage of the CBRT Disks® system  demonstrated. Several ISMA members have trained to become CBRT Practitioners.

Ideal support for office and home workers

“With over 13 million working days lost in the UK alone due to stress, depression, and anxiety, businesses are starting to realise the economic realities of having a healthy workforce.

CBRT not only offers companies the opportunity to provide their staff with a practical self help technique that can be easily administered at any time and anywhere in the workplace, but it is also having a positive impact on the bottom line business performance.”

CBRT is an ideal tool and technique for self-relaxation in the open plan office environment, as its visual presence is non-offensive, the technique is non-tactile, and it has been found to have a calming effect on all in the environment, working on a subliminal level. It can also support office workers who are struggling with home working during the COVID pandemic.

Organisations that have trained their staff in relaxation techniques are less likely to have absences due to stress and poor mental health and often report having a more highly motivated and productive work environment.

“The ability to relax is vital when dealing with the issue of stress. CBRT is a powerful new tool for the user, working at many levels.”

Ann McCracken Chair of ISMA - ( International Stress Management Association), Stress Strategies Practitioner and Consultant, AMC Mentoring Ltd.

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