CBRT™ promotes the awareness of conscious breathing and awareness of your breathing pattern.

  • Correct breathing techniques are beneficial for relaxation and good health…
  • When overcoming high levels of anxiety, it is important to learn the techniques of correct breathing.
  • Many people who live with high levels of anxiety are known to breathe through their chest.
  • Shallow breathing through the chest means you are disrupting the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide necessary to be in a relaxed state. This type of breathing will perpetuate the symptoms of anxiety.
  • As we grow older many of us change our pattern of breathing and start breathing through our chest. This can be the result of a number of factors such as the pressure on women to have a flat stomach, certain fashions, poor posture, and of course anxiety.
  • When using the Colour Breathing Disks®, we learn a breathing technique called Diaphragmatic Breathing (stomach breathing). We automatically breathe this way when we are born.
  • Diaphragmatic breathing uses the diaphragm muscle (a strong dome shaped muscle) located under our ribs and above our stomach.
  • When we breathe in, we push the muscle down, and our stomach area moves forward.
  • When we breathe out, the diaphragmatic muscle moves back to resting position and our stomach  moves back in. There is little or no upper chest movement.