Colour Breathing® CBRT™ for Children and Young People

The majority of lifelong mental health problems develop early on, during childhood or adolescence. The wider economic costs of mental ill health in England are vast, estimated at £105bn each year.

Importance of early intervention at schools

A recent study published in The Lancet found that during lockdown there was a 50% decline of diagnoses of common mental health problems, as well as a decline in first time prescriptions for those problems when compared to last year - as the public avoided contact with their GPs. This decline has led to fears of that lockdown hid emerging or historic mental health conditions behind closed doors.

The 2003 - 2006 Discovery Programme.  Colour Breathing® and CBRT™ first pilot in UK schools

In 2003, The Discovery Emotional Intelligence Programme, which worked with schools, colleges and companies in the UK and beyond, decided to include Colour Breathing® as part of their EI tool kit. They were so impressed with the positive impact the Colour Breathing had been having on some of the children and adults they work with that they were keen to make full use of its potential.

“Colour Breathing® "works" with students because of its ease of use and its beauty. Using colour to prepare for learning and to explore emotions has had a real and positive impact on the students I have worked with. They love to use the affirmations and found genuine pleasure from using the kit and talking about the ways in which the colour disks affect them.

In exploring the use of the CBRT™ kit, we have found the students transfixed by the beautiful colours and the disks themselves. By being introduced to the impact that different colours have upon day-to-day emotional wellbeing the students found that they were able to calm down while looking at the disks and to visualise the different colours when they were away from them.

As part of the Discovery Toolkit, Colour Breathing® is an extremely effective tool in taking more control of the emotional chaos that many students feel they are in. We have worked with schools across the country, improving performance through emotional intelligence and teaching students essential employability skills. CBRT™ is one of the ways we give the staff and students a practical resource to calm, focus and prepare for working in schools and colleges across the UK.”

David Boxall.

Teacher and Discovery Programme & Colour Breathing Project Co-ordinator

(David attended the very first CBRT™ Practitioner Training Programme in September 2005.)

"The power of colour is something we always talk about in our training," says Discovery MD Cheryl Buggy. "We also acknowledge that children and staff need to find ways of relaxing, feeling good and re-energising without becoming confused or threatened or cynical by the theory, science or metaphysics behind the impact of colour on their senses and well-being.Colour Breathing® offers just that and we are looking forward to using it more with our clients, especially the children. The pilots we have run so far show that Colour Breathing® works. Furthermore is a very versatile, straight forward and user friendly product that has potentially deep and positive impact. “

Cheryl Buggy – Managing Director - The Discovery Programme

A popular classroom activity -  CBRT™ has been proven a very popular activity for all age groups in the classroom setting.

Wellbeing and emotional intelligence life skills form an important part of the UK Curriculum. CBRT™ has also been used in a Conductive Education School project in Kuwait.

In one trial carried out in a Junior school in Portsmouth in May 2005, 73% of the children requested that CBRT™ become part of the school’s weekly activity. The technique also shows the children how easy it can be to focus and concentrate before learning. Relaxation classes can also be offered to parents to help them with stress management and relaxation.

CBRT is a Speech-Language Therapy intervention - suitable for:

  •        Individual sessions
  •        Group Sessions
  •        Teamwork (selecting group Affirmation cards) -
  •        Supporting clinical services including psychological
  •        Social interaction skills
  •        Communication and Listening skills
  •        Identification of users strengths and needs
  •        Prevention strategies and anger management
  •        An emotional intelligence tool kit and system
  •        Mindfulness awareness
  •        Flexible thinking and behaviour.

CBRT used in Special Needs and Conductive Education

CBRT contains the following components which are found to be supportive for Special Needs Users and their families:

  •         Innovation and new ideas
  •         Structured and guided CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions provide users with an expected process, so that expectations and experience is made clear to people with ASD
  •         Empowers all individuals with developmental and learning challenges
  •         Engages instructional, social, recreational support for children and young/older adults with   special needs
  •        CBRT can be used as part of helping develop users key performance component areas - which include motor, sensory, cognitive and perceptual skills
  •        Self- help skills with a safe and easy to use tool kit
  •        Self empowerment and self belief strategy
  •        Motivation skills and positive psychology
  •        Suitable for use in pre-academic, academic and prevocational
  •        Colour as a stimulus and positive psychology
  •        Holistic support for users with mild to severe cognitive disabilities.
  •        Providing Family members and carers with relaxation support.