Colour Breathing Disks with Colour Breathing Book - Set

The Colour Breathing Disks and book by Alison Bourne is a unique and beautiful two part kit. All you need to help promote calm, self-relaxation and focus.

The unique kit comprises of a freestanding easel card with seven beautiful Colour Breathing Disks, accompanied by an easy to read book. The Colour Breathing kit is suitable to support the relaxation of children, young people and adults of all abilities. A valuable tool and stress management system for mental wellbeing.

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The Colour Breathing two-part Book Kit is currently shrink-wrapped to keep our products in pristine condition prior to purchase. We are currently sourcing a more eco-friendly method.

Product size: 26cm x 23.5cm x 4cm

Weight 800 gm

Book 144 pages (full colour.)

ISBN : 1-904089-00-3

Postage is charged at cost to place of destination based on weight.

Colour Breathing Book Kit ©Alison Bourne

Price Valid Until 31.12.2021

We do not refund Book Kits where the original packaging has been removed.

Book Review: "Having the colours presented in such a vibrant and simple way is a real treat. I will certainly be recommending the Colour Breathing Disks to clients with stress-related problems."

Yvonne Bain. Hypnotherapist and Counsellor.

Book Review: "The ability to relax is vital when dealing with the issue of stress. In my experience, Colour Breathing is a powerful new tool for the user, working at many levels."

Ann McCracken. International Tress Management Association

Stress Strategies Practitioner & Consultant

Book Review: "I find the Colour Breathing Disks a wonderful meditation tool,and will use them both for my personal use and for group work."

Angela Paskins. Yoga Teacher