101 Lives -CSR - Corporate Community Sponsor Network

Be the change. Positive change with 101 Lives today... Social & healthcare equity, diversity & inclusion are our mission.

Our purpose is to disrupt and improve the availability of quality mental health wellbeing support for all at a personalised and community level.

CBRT Sponsor Companies will have their company names, logos and news area on a new dedicated website www.cbrtcorporate.com [being built] with social media links to share the network!

TESTIMONIAL from provider

“Colour Breathing Relaxation Technique is a vital tool that we use within our community to enable relaxation and stress management techniques which focuses and calms the mind”

Aidan Hamilton. CALM Programme Coordinator, Belfast.

Sponsors will receive tangible evidence of their support:

The individuals who receive a FREE Training Programme Place will agree to deliver a number (100) of FREE CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions into their local community.

Feedback from 101 CBRT Users in the community with evidence (measurable outcomes) will be collated by the CBRT Practitioner.

CBRT will engage with Sponsors to request local press and news articles once their CBRT Practitioner(s) have completed their training programme and is licensed to deliver CBRT Relaxation Support Sessions into their local community.

Our GIVE BACK pledge to sponsors and communities: For every CBRT Practitioner sponsored, the company CBRT HIS Ltd will provide 20 x Colour Breathing Book Kits Free Of Charge - rrp £299.00

101 Lives CSR Sponsorship Places

101 Lives :

Bronze = 1 to 10 Training Places per annum

Silver = 11 to 50 Training Places per annum

Gold = 51 to 100 Training Places per annum

Platinum = 101 + Training Places per annum

National CSR Sponsors please contact: shop@colourbreathing.com